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Let us introduce our company in a few words.

Volmix Ltd. was founded on 2nd January 1990 as an Austro-Hungarian firm in Budapest, Hungary. Noticing the great demand for drugs of natural origin, we started to import and sell products that were of great success abroad earlier. Our medicinal department distributes medicines, medicinal products, food-supplements and vitamins. Our other chemical department is distributing chemical products (dish-washer tabs, detergents, etc.).

Our medicinal department is the exclusive distributor of German, Austrian, Spanish and Hungarian companies. When choosing a new product we put great emphasis on high quality. For the time being we distribute up to 60 products for different indications. These products - among others - can be applied in case of problems with digestion, trouble with bowel movements, cardio-vascular problems, skin disease, problems with the nervous system/respiratory track, locomotor disorders. All of our products are authorized by OGYI (National Institute of Pharmacy) or OÉTI (National Institute of Food Safety and Nutrition). Almost 100% of our products are of natural origin and made in the most up-to-date circumstances, in accordance with the instructions of GMP.

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