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Pasta Cool (190g)

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Product SKU:P664Product Category: Musculoskeletal problems.
Prevents the development and growth of blood clots, and helps to ease and absorb the existing blood clots and thrombosis.

Pasta Cool ointment

Medicinal product, its effect is proved by data of scientific literature.

The active agent of Pasta Cool is the natural heparin, decreases the permeability of the wall of the capillary vessels on the treated skin, prevents the development and growth of blood clots, and helps to ease and absorb the existing blood clots and thrombosis.

With its help, hydropsy developed in the tissues absorb more easily. Salicylic acid has an anti-inflammatory effect. Essential oils enhance blood flow, while siliceous alumina has a moisture absorption effect, thus has a cooling effect.
Pasta Cool helps the faster absorption of haematoma, the elimination of increased pressure sensitivity, decreases reduced mobility.
Pasta Cool has a pleasant fragrance and can be easily washed from the skin with water.

What are the active agents of the product?
In 100g ointment: 5000 NE Heparinum natricum, 48,5 g Bolus alba et rubra, 1,0g Acidum salicylicum, 0,4-0,4g Rosmarini et Pini pumil.aetherol, 0,2 g Citronellae aetheroleum.

What does the product contain?
Preservatives: methylparaben and sorbic acid.

When is Pasta Cool recommended to be applied?
Past Cool with its swell relieving, anti-inflammatory and painkiller effects is for treating sports injuries, sprains, muscle contractions, bruises and joint pains by rubbing it on the skin, and in compresses.
The ointment can be applied in the case of consequential painful swellings and haematomas, in the painful, inflammatory states of the musculoskeletal system (muscles, joints, tendon sheath inflammations), in the case of muscle and joint overuse (‘tennis elbow’), in the case of congestive or inflammatory situations on the area of superficial varicose veins and in the case of damages caused by frostbite.

Do not use Pasta Cool ointment
if you are hypersensitive (allergy) to given components of the product, especially to salicylic acid and methylparaben (p-hydroxybenzoic acid ester).

What you must know before starting to use Pasta Cool?
Avoid its long-term application on big areas of inflamed skin and in the case of existing kidney failures.
The ointment should be carefully applied in the case of patients with damaged peripheral circulation or diabetes.

Can Paste Cool be used with other products?
Yes, interactions with other products are not known if using Pasta Cool according to the recommendations.

What to consider during pregnancy or breastfeeding?
Carefully use the ointment during pregnancy.
Breastfeeding mothers should not use the ointment on the area of breasts.

How and when to apply the product?
It is suggested to apply a slim layer of Pasta Cool with the help of a cellulose-based material (paper handkerchief) on the concerned skin area and spreading it with a light pressure. The pasta can be spread on a linen sheet or on another suitable type of textile and the concerned skin area can be covered with it. The pasta can be washed down with lukewarm water.
It is suggested to apply Pasta Cool 1-2 times daily until the symptoms exist.
As a compress, it should be reapplied in every 12 hours.

What are the possible side effects of the product?
Rarely hypersensitive reactions (allergic) may occur on the skin: increased redness, itching, rashes). In these cases, the application of the ointment should be immediately stopped.

What else to know about its use?
Pasta Cool must not get into the mucous membrane, eyes, damaged skin surfaces and open wounds!
In the case of venous inflammation and varicose vein avoid rubbing!

What to consider while applying the ointment?
The product can be used within the expiry date marked on the box.

How long can Pasta Cool be applied?
Consult your physician if your symptoms exist for a long period (7-10 days) and if the desired effects do not occur.

How to store the product?
The product should be stored at a cool place and should be protected from light.
Keep the product away from children!

Registration number: OGYI-540/1995

Packaging unit:190g/tube

Marketing authorisation holder: Apomedica GmbH, Graz, Austria