Kinder Luuf Balm 30g

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Megfázás, hűléses megbetegedés: köhögés, nátha, torokfájással és rekedtséggel járó torokgyulladás külsőleges kezelésére ajánlott.

Kinder Luuf Balm

Kinder Luuf is a medicinal product, its effects are proved by usage and data of scientific literature. Folk therapy and the medicinal phytotherapy separately apply the volatile oil components of the product for a long time, as inhalators and respiratory tract cleaners.

Volatile oils are absorbed through the skin as well thus get into the circulation and are excreted in the respiratory tract. Body warmth contributes to the effectiveness of the balm because it helps to release aromatic vapours from volatile oils. Volatile oils have a mild spasmolytic effect, so the coughing stimulus decrease and breathing becomes easier. Balm rubbed on the neck, back or chest increase the blood circulation of the skin as well.

The product is recommended to treat cold related illnesses: coughing, cold, sore throat with throat pain and huskiness.

As a supplement treatment to medical treatment, the product is recommended to treat tracheitis and bronchitis.

The product is for external use from 3 years of age, and to inhale from 6 years of age.



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