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LUUF Icelandic moss + Common Marshmallow suckable tablet (20pc)

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LUUF® Throat pastilles (20 pastilles) with Icelandic moss and common marshmallow.

LUUF® Throat pastilles

With Icelandic moss and common marshmallow.

- High active substance content
- Pleasant elderberry taste
- For adults and children


- In the case of coughing stimulus and related mucous membrane irritation, in the mouth and throat cavity (pharyngitis)
- In the case of hoarseness and vocal fatigue
- To heal dry throat caused by dry room air, strong cigarette smoke or adverse environmental impacts

Adverse environmental impacts, such as fine particles, cigarette smoke, or intensive speech and singing may cause hoarseness and coughing stimulus. 
LUUF® Throat pastille with Icelandic moss and common marshmallow has a - especially on the basis of its high mucin content, the so-called mucopolysaccharides - dual protective effect on the irritated mucous membrane: active substances protect the mouth and throat cavity againts getting dry by forming a protective film layer, consequently, they help in the case of hoarseness, coughing stimulus and dry throat
Apart from this, mucins have a soothing effect on hoarseness and dry coughing stimulus.

The bitter acid content of Icelandic mosses helps the production of saliva, consequently, it helps soothing the stimulus. The increased quantity of saliva has a soothing effect on coughing stimulus. A unique characteristic of the Icelandic moss is its antibiotic and anti-inflammatory effect.

LUUF® Throat pastilles have a high content of plant extract from Icelandic moss (350 mg) and common marshmallow root (90 mg). The sugar-free pastilles are very practical while travelling, have a pleasant taste and do not contain colouring agents and preservatives.

Volume: 20 pastilles.

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