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W. Nervenpflege (120pc)

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Medicinal product to treat insomnia, nerveous uneasiness. Its effects are justified by the observations of users and by scientific literature.

Wörishofener Nervenpflege

Annex 4: Patient information leaflet – Information for users
Dr. Kleinschrod’s Wörishofener Nervenpflege

Carefully read this patient information leaflet before starting to take this medicinal product because it contains important information for you!

Always take this medicinal product according to the information provided by this patient information leaflet or by your physician or pharmacist!

- Keep this patient information leaflet because you may need the included information in the future!
- If any side effect occurs, consult your physician or pharmacist! 
- Do the same in the case of any possible side effect, even if it is not listed in this patient information leaflet.
- Immediately inform your physician if your symptoms do not get better or get worse!

Characteristics, effects
It is a medicinal product, its effect is proved by several decades of usage experience. The herbal components of the tablet have stress-relieving, tranquilliser effects, contribute to calmness and facilitate falling asleep. These effects are justified by the observations of users and by scientific literature.

Which active substances does Nervenpflege tablet contain?

Active substances in one tablet:

7,28 mg Viscum album L., herba, 
13,83 mg Achillea millefolium L.,herba, 
14,56 mg Hypericum perforatum L., herba, 
14,56 mg Melissa officinalis L., folium, 
43,69 mg Humulus lupulus L. flos, 
58,24 mg Valeriana officinalis s.I. radix), in powdered form, 
52,0 mg Faex medicinalis.

What other substances does the tablet contain?

Other substances:

adjuvants: genista tinctorial, aurantii amari epicarpium et mesocarpium, crataegi folium cum flore, potentilla anserine in powdered form
excipients: calcium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, water-free colloidal silicon dioxide

When is Nervenpflege tablet is recommended to be taken?

Nervenpflege tablet is recommended to be taken

- in the case of nervousness, inner stress,
- to eliminate problems with falling asleep caused by agitation

Do not take Nervenpflege tablet in the case of

- personal hypersensitivity to the products ingredients or to plants belonging to the Compositae family,
- photosensitivity.

What you must know before starting to take Nervenpflege tablets?

People with allergy or light skin should not take the tablets during sunbathing or using the solarium.
You have to know the origin of your problems. If you think that the stress and agitation are not caused by the daily problems, consult your doctor.

Are children allowed to take Nervenpflege tablet?

It is not recommended for children under 12 to take the tablet due to the lack of safety data.

Taking Nervenpflege tablet with medicines
The tablet may increase the effects of sleeping-pills and tranquilizers taken simultaneously.
If you take a medicine simultaneously, ask your physician’s opinion.

What to do if you are pregnant, breastfeed, or would like to have a baby?

Discuss the tablet’s use with a specialist because the safe application of the tablet has not been examined under these circumstances.

What are the effects of taking the tablet on driving and operating machines?

Taking the tablet affect these actions that is why drivers and operators of machines are allowed to use the tablet only before going to sleep.

How and when to take Nervenpflege tablet?

- to cure nervous and stressful feelings, after meals, as a cure
- to facilitate falling asleep: 30-60 minutes before going to sleep

What is the recommended daily dosage?

- in the case of nervous and stressful states: 3 x 1-3 tablets daily
- to facilitate falling asleep: 3 tablets in the evening

What are the possible side effects of Nervenpflege tablet?

Personal hypersensitivity to the ingredients may cause allergic reaction (erythema, oedema). Overdosage or hypersensitivity may cause photosensitivity. 
Digestive symptoms (nausea, abdominal spasms) may occur.

The frequency of side effect occurrence is not known. 
If any side effect occurs in your case, inform your physician or pharmacist! 
Do the same in the case of any possible side effect, even if it is not listed in this patient information leaflet.

What else to consider while taking the tablet?

Avoid sunbathing and using the solarium while taking the tablet because otherwise erythema may occur.

Keep the tablets away from children.

How long can Nervenpflege tablet be taken?

It is recommended to take for 2-3 weeks.

How to store the tablet?

At a maximum of 25°C. Keep the box closed to protect the tablets against moisture.

How does the tablet look like and what is inside the wrapping?

Round and green, oil-brown coloured tablets with domed sides and with characteristic spicy aroma. 
Wrapping: Rounded tin can with red guarantee ring.
Packaging unit: 120 tablets/box

Registration number: OGYI-128/1989

Marketing authorisation holder: Dronania pharmaceuticals GmbH

Karl-Benz-Str. 3.
86825 Bad Wörishofen

Distributor in Hungary: VOLMIX Kft.

H-1146 Budapest
Thököly út 76.

August 2017



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